About Seta Vida

We are a female owned and operated collective committed to applying ancient and traditional wisdom to the modern herbal world. Our inspiration draws from our combined experiences and our ever-evolving knowledge of nutrition, bodywork, mycology, herbalism, skincare, and Ayurveda. Through our product line and wellness services, we reach people in ways that promote healthy and happy practical routines, self care rituals, and functional/easy ways to introduce the healing properties of plants and mushrooms into their everyday lives.

Seta Vida” is Spanish for “Mushroom Life.” We LOVE medicinal mushrooms and incorporate them into a lot of what we offer. We feel that pretty much everyone can benefit from taking them daily!

The name was also inspired by the life or nature of mushrooms and how they grow. Under the ground, expansive and interconnected networks of mycelium spread and thrive. This is how we envision Seta Vida growing as a collective - through a strong network of practitioners and individuals supporting and promoting each other while working towards a common goal of healing others and ourselves.

What sets us apart is that we truly are a homegrown brand and business. We strive to cultivate and produce whatever raw materials we can ourselves and each product is handmade in small batches to ensure impeccable artisan quality. Transparency in the food and supplement industry is something that is largely lacking, and we truly care about the purity, integrity, and sustainability in all that we create.  

Any ingredients that we cannot produce ourselves, we source organically, locally, and ethically ( both from a fair trade standpoint and considering ethical harvesting/ sustainability). We believe in putting time, love, and intention into our products, and knowing from the source where every ingredient comes from.

We offer products that are healthy, unique, and easy to use. In our apothecary, we handcraft tea blends, tinctures, elixirs, honey potions, and superfood powders… so however you want to take your plants and mushrooms, we’ve got you covered :) We also will customize products for your specific needs and goals, just ask us! Because we are a collective, we draw together our individual talents, experiences, and backgrounds to create offerings that are multi-dimensional and well rounded. We are not just a product line, but the people behind it, and we aspire to be as accessible and engaging as possible with the people and communities that we share our magic with.

In addition to our product line, our resident health coach Madeline also offers Wellness Warrior Consultation services, to help you align with your goals and truest self with the help of plant allies and functional daily routines. You can check out our SERVICES page for more information :)

Our philosophy as a collective could be summed up as this:

“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being. “ - J. Stanford