Our Journey Together

We have a really cool story!

Although we’ve been friends for many years, we began making medicine together in 2014. We started off wild harvested bioregional plants while traveling with a volunteer work program that had an emphasis on organic gardening, medicine preparation, and eco development. Before we were “Seta Vida”, we were tincturing/ infusing/ selling products on the road and at festivals and events  so that we could keep traveling, learning, and doing what we loved. After a year of traveling the US, we began seeking knowledge of healing abroad. Through potent dreams and a dash of destiny, Seta Vida was born.

To better connect with the Earth’s medicines and to better serve our clientele, the women of Seta Vida completed a three month exploration and apprenticeship of South American Plant medicine in Peru. We studied mycology and mushroom cultivation methods for 9 weeks with our mentor, a mycologist in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, where we learned a Chinese method of growing that is based on working with natural resources and low- tech materials for medicinal mushroom production.

The remainder of our time in Peru was spent exploring the coast, the Andes, and the Amazon. During our months living in South America, we gained hands on experience with various sacred plant medicines for healing and made connections with importers of organic Peruvian superfoods who serve as fair- trade sources for some of our ingredients. We also learned the intentioned practice of treating the herbal preparation process as if it were a ceremony - connecting to the plant’s energy, expressing gratitude for its gifts, and letting those gifts speak through what our hands create. From seed to bottle, there is reverence and love in every step. Four years later, we still honor this process.

Our first herb farm was in Middletown, CA but fires and fate moved us Eastbound ( It’s ok… Shiitake Happens!) and we found our sanctuary in Gold Country in late 2015. Nevada City, CA now serves as our beautiful home and is the location of our organic herb gardens, office, and  apothecary. We are honored to create, collaborate, and be of service in this community and beyond.

With “Mush Love” from the ladies at Seta Vida