Wellness Warrior Consultation Services


   EVERYONE deserves to be happy, healthy, and thriving! Through our integrative health coaching services, our lead herbalista and healing food enthusiast Madeline demystifies holistic health concepts and works with you one-on -one to create a functional, simple, and enjoyable healthcare ritual - including self-care practices, nourishing whole foods and healing plants - that allows you to make great strides towards your wellness goals! Essential daily tools are given to you to empower your mind, body, and spirit, with support and insight on each step of your journey.

Wellness Warrior consultations are offered in person, by phone, or skype/zoom video calling.

All health coaching services include an initial consultation and a follow-up session, as well as 20% off on your next purchase of Seta Vida Products and affiliated wellness services.


Holistic Nutrition (60 min + Session 2 call) - $125

Nutritional Consultations include customized goal setting with a sample meal plan, as well as supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

 Additional nutritional services such as extended meal plans, cooking classes,  and guided cleanse regimens may be available upon request.

Herbal Medicine (60 min + Session 2 call) - $100 + the cost of herbs

Herbal consultations include  customized goal setting that integrates plant and mushroom allies into your daily routine, as well as additional supplement and lifestyle recommendations.  

Suggested Herbal Remedies may include : Tinctures, Tea Blends, Medicinal Vinegars, bitters, Botanical Syrups, Superfood Powders, Capsules, or topical applications. One product will be included in the price of your session.


Wellness Warrior Package - (90 Minutes + Session 2 call) - $175 + cost of herbs - SAVINGS OF $50!

This package includes both the Holistic Nutrition + Herbal Medicine consultation services.


What’s included in the Initial Consultation?

Madeline will work with you to build a personal health profile that addresses:

  • symptoms

  • Daily routine and stress levels

  • dietary restrictions

  • medical history

  • emotional health analysis

  • current nutritional paths, medications, supplements, and herbs that you’re taking, and what has/hasn’t worked in the past.

  • The impact of your current  lifestyle on your overall holistic health.

This time also allows the opportunity to discuss any wellness goals that you would like to work towards.

Session Two

(Via phone or Zoom/ Skype)

Your personalized plan is emailed to you, one week after your initial consultation.  This plan is explained in-depth by phone, and reviewed together leaving you with the tools necessary to make realistic changes and work towards your wellness goals. This second session allows the opportunity to discuss any questions or feedback, and to make any necessary adjustments to your nutrition plan.

(Up to 30 minutes – Included in Price of Initial Consultation)


Additional Services


Goal Tracking/ Follow Up

(Available in Person, by Zoom/Skype, or Phone Call)

During follow-up consultations, Madeline will work with you to help build your knowledge of holistic health and nutrition by gradually layering and building on your current plan, adding new recommendations that will more deeply enrich and support your wellness path.

(30 minutes- $50 + cost of herbs, supplements, and/or additional services recommended)

Eating Clean, Saving Green!

Everything you need to know about shopping healthy and on a budget. Grocery Store/ Co-Op Walkthrough Available for locals! We’ll discuss the concept of eating S.O.U.L. (Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed, Local) Foods and how to navigate your favorite grocery store in support of your health and wellness goals. In addition to the session, you’ll be provided with a folder filled with clean eating tips and recipes, ideas for weekly meal prep,  tools for reading labels, the dirty dozen vs clean 15, and easy to follow shopping lists. (60 minutes - $65 + Cost of Groceries!)

Available as a $25 add on for all clients enrolled in a consultation package!


Begin your journey to wellness with Madeline.